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Today starts off my seed sowing schedule. With fresh seeds and interesting new varieties to try, everything seems to be in order in the “greenhouse.” After rigorous potting and listening to a good dose of classical music, the “greenhouse” is clean and the service lights are off. I am ready to turn in the day. Of, course I leave the music on. I think that the seedlings to be really enjoy such pleasant music.

Below is a guide I put together of how I start plants from seed. It is only a guide and should be adjusted to suit one’s need. Just click…


A few additional tips I have learned:

– Be prepared, have all of your supplies ready.

 [see my seed starting glossary]

– Some seedlings like to be buried up to their first set of leaves. Tomatoes are one such plant.

– Give your plants as much light as possible, they like that!

– Don’t go seed crazy, trying to grow everything from seed. Growing a smaller number of healthy plants over growing large quantities of weak, spindly plants is more rewarding and your plants will thanks you.

– Take good care and enjoy the process.

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