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Peonies are undemanding, asking little in return. Planted in the right spot will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. As peonies mature, more and more flower buds appear.  With the relatively short bloom period let’s make the most of it. The topic for today is enhancing the size of the blooms with a quick prune.


The photo above shows the secondary buds that can be removed just below the main bud. 

The buds of herbaceous peonies will form almost immediately once the plant has filled out. Then there is an incubation period as the buds develops. The moment the flower stalk starts to elongate, remove the side buds. You can see this happen, by keeping an eye on the flower stalk tips. The buds are tightly together, as they elongate, you see the stalk expand and the buds are easily accessible. This elongation starts later in the spring when any danger of hard frost passes and safe to remove the side buds. Removal of side buds directs more energy into the main flower for a larger show that is sure to impress.


This photo shows the flower bud cluster before elongation.

Sorry to disappoint, I have no pictures of the blooms last year, but just be patient and I will post this year’s big and beautiful blooms once the show starts.

Remember to feed your peonies with bone meal after bloom. This is the time herbaceous peonies make new eyes for next year’s flowers.

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